The Best US Friendly Poker Sites

Do you live in the US and don't know where to play poker online?
Here is the list of us friendly poker sites
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Top US Friendly Poker Sites

Rank Poker room Overall Rating Bonus Download Review
1. Full tilt Poker Full Tilt Poker US Friendly Poker Sites 8,63 $600 Download Read review
2. PokerStars PokerStars US Friendly Poker Sites 8,45 $600 Download Read review
3. Carbon Poker Carbon Poker US Friendly Poker Sites 8,0 $600 Download Read review
4. Sportsbook Poker Sportsbook Poker US Friendly Poker Sites 7,9 $650 Download Read review
7. Cake Poker Cake Poker US Friendly Poker Sites 7,72 $500 Download Read review
8. Bodog Poker Bodog Poker US Friendly Poker Sites 7,63 $1000 Download Read review

US Poker

In the US each state has a different rule on poker. More often than not it is illegal to play poker in the community halls, homes and fire halls. People from all walks of life play poker. Since they are not always well informed about what the law says with regard to poker they might be breaking the law by playing within their homes.

There is definitely a need for all concerned to know what the law says. The sooner it is done the better it will be for US poker. Some states clearly state that no-limit poker games are prohibited and some allow poker with minimal bets. Read the fine print if you want to stay out of trouble.

In October 2006, US Congress brought in a law prohibiting online casinos from accepting deposits from Americans. What this meant is players could not deposit money into accounts for gambling in an online casino. However players with existing accounts with an online casino could continue playing to win or loose but depositing more money was ruled out.

What this has done is to make those involved to come up with other legal ways of continuing to accept deposits from Americans. Payment gateways are the best choice and there are many reputed ones which have come thanks to this legislation. Players are required to open accounts in such gateways and then they are back to playing online poker as they knew it. US poker has not gone away yet.

There are also online sites which accept American players deposits to online casinos but some of them are not very user friendly. Companies like American Express, Visa and MasterCard have been hit the hardest by the new law but players are advised to still try using them. However do not be surprised if there is a rejection, it is however worth trying.