Top Beginner Mistakes

Since poker became available to everyone through the many online casinos and poker rooms there are many beginners active. While some poker rooms offer great support to beginner players it is known that new poker players are often taken advantage of by the more skilled and experienced ones. There are a few mistakes that beginners commonly repeat and by evading them a new poker player stands a much better chance to excel and become a decent player at a much faster pace.

Making the wrong bets

As a poker game unfolds players get the chance to call, raise or fold. To call means to match the big blind (the initial bet that has the size of the complete mandatory bet). To raise means to increase the bet by adding more money and fold is simply to quit. One would think that a beginner would choose to fold more often than the other two alternatives but this is not the case. Professional players know when to fold their cards and don't stay in the game just for the sake of staying in. The only way to understand how to make bets properly is to understand the odds of the actual game. This takes practice and some insight into what the pot odds are.

Blasting the Bankroll

Another common beginner mistake is to enter games that are not suited to the player's bankroll. It can be very tempting to enter a tough game with a large prize pot but this can be a very costly affair. The best thing is to stick to games with lower stakes and even play for free till the gaming is such that you can stick up to the more experienced players in the higher stakes games. Losing too much money at once will only result in a bad experience and very little learnt to become a better player.

Losing One's Cool

It doesn't matter if a player is busy at a table in a land-based casino or in a poker room online, keeping a good attitude is essential for good poker play. Starting to give in to frustration when things aren't going well is a big mistake. First of all, a game can be turned around if a player keeps his cool and he is bound to make much better choices with a calm and clear mind. Secondly, a bad temper can result in worse things than a game lost. When players start acting out because of their emotional outburst, they can be banned from a casino or poker room. Online this is evident in chat rooms where players who don't behave properly are dismissed from all gaming. Staying calm and focused will result in better results and happier gaming even if some games are lost.

Trying to be like others

A beginner player might dream of reaching the top and become the next poker star to be featured in the media. This is all very well - but when a player thinks that by doing exactly as some other player around the table he will reach this goal - he is wrong. Trying to copy the play by a pro on television will not take a player to the poker stars. It is useful to study the strategy that the professionals use and try it out. Strategy is always a good way to improve the game but what is evident when looking at the professional poker players, is that they all shape their own way of playing. The best is therefore to look at their play but only use it as an inspiration and not try to copy it. It is a mistake not to take advice from the pros and other players but it is crucial to understand how to use it.

Focusing on Lucky Charms

Poker is about luck as well as skill but a beginner mistake is to think that by focusing on the luck part they will do better. If lucky charms make the gaming more fun they can be a nice addition to the player's poker experience but to rely on them is simply foolish. The focus should always lie on the skill part of the game. If the gaming isn't going well one shouldn't blame luck but look into ways of improving it.

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