Texas Hold'em Rules

Texas Hold'em is the version of poker that is usually played in the big poker events that are televised and followed all over the world. In most poker rooms this is also the variant that draws the largest crowds and it is a good idea for a beginner to start with Texas Hold’em when getting into the magical world of poker. The rules are pretty simple and they don't vary all that much from poker room to poker room but it is always good to make sure to know the details of the rules in the place you choose to play it in.

Posting the Blinds

The first that happens in a Texas Hold'em games is that mandatory bets are made. Online there is usually no dealer but a dealer button that will pass from player to player as the games unfolds. The two players sitting to the left of the dealer button will post the two initial blinds. These are called the big and the small blind and their amount is preset. The first blind will most commonly be half of the minimum bet and the second will be the complete minimum bet.

The Game Begins

Texas Hold'em is played with a 52-card deck and this will be shuffled by the dealer before the game begins. Online this is done automatically and a random number generator ensures that the game will be without human intervention and fair to all. When the blinds have been posted the dealer will deal each player two cards that are only open to the individual player to see. These two cards go by the name Hole Cards. After this a round of betting takes place and it starts with the player sitting to the left of the player that posted the second blind. When the turn to bet comes each player can choose to call (match the big blind), raise (putting in more money to raise the bet) or fold (quit due to bad cards).

The Flop

With the two cards each player will want to form the best possible hand of five using the five cards that the dealer will place on the table for all to see and use. The usual poker hand ranking is used. To begin with the dealer will place three cards, face down, on the middle of the table and then they will be turned up simultaneously. This is called the Flop and before these three cards are dealt the top card of the deck is burnt to ensure that no-one saw which card is coming up. The Flop is followed by another betting round which is started by the player that was the small blind seated to the left of the dealer. All players can now again choose to call, raise or fold.

Fourth Street

When all have made their decisions as how to continue, the dealer will burn another card from the deck. This is followed by placing another card on the table next to the three open ones. This card is called the Turn or Fourth Street. It is followed by another round of betting which is also started by the player that made the initial small blind bet. This round of betting also lets the players choose to call, raise or fold.

Fifth Street

After the Fourth Street the final card which is called the Fifth Street or the River is dealt. This is also preceded by one card from the deck being burnt. Once the fifth and final card is exposed on the table everyone gets to bet again. Should everyone but one player choose to fold at this point then the player who didn't fold will be the winner regardless of his hand. If he mucks his hand it means that he throws it into the discard pile without anyone seeing what he actually had.

The Final Showdown

The Showdown is when the remaining players will expose their hands, the combinations they have made of their two cards and three from the five cards on the table. The first one to reveal his hand will be the player that made the initial bet or the player that made the last raise. The best hand wins the game.

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