Strategic Poker Moves

Playing poker and winning is not as complicated as it is often thought to be. Most of the situations that arise while playing poker require taking only marginal decisions and a lot of what a player does, will not matter over a long period of time. Although this is the case, many players play the game of poker in such a fashion that it tends to look very complicated and sometimes more complicated than a brain surgery!

This happens because some players do not use any strategy while playing. As sound strategy makes decision-making simple, it is very important that poker players follow some kind of strategy while playing poker. Some of the strategies used by expert poker players and are noted to be among the top strategy moves among poker professionals are as follows:

1. Always remember that making a great call gets you great advantage and also prevents your opponents to bluff you. A player is in the zone when he makes a great call, a huge bluff or makes a great lay down.

2. It is more important that a player has good management skills as far as poker money is concerned. All-in can be a potent weapon, but all of a sudden it can result in zero chips. So, it is pertinent that a poker player manages his bankroll very well.

3. A player should learn even from his loss for this is just a game, of course with money. To learn, stay in hands, get into learning process. But to win, one must device a strategy about when and how to fold.

4. A good strategic move in poker is raise-trap check. When a player has a good hand and this action is checked on him, he should also try to check. With the hope that somebody behind him will bet and when the action comes back to him, he can also raise. This will help in building bigger pot.

5. Another good strategic move in poker is deceptive moment. Suppose a player has a hand which he thinks is not beatable, then it is needless for him to raise the pot at early stage. If the pot is raised too early, there are chances that his opponents may get scared. He must lure them in and when they are complacent, strike them out.

6. Sufficient information about strategy of opponents or about their hand can go a long way in winning a poker game. The best way to find about opponent's hand is to just bet. This will lead to some reaction from opponent. He will re-raise or may call. It can be deduced whether he thinks before acting or not. All such information can help in making counter moves.

7. One of the strategic moves is to steal blind. If a player is on button and all opponents fold to him, he should steal the blind. By this move, there is likelihood of both blinds folding winning the player his opponents' blinds. One fact that should be remembered is that his strong position is what gives his opponents the willies.

8. A player should defend his blind. While posting big and small blinds, it is good strategic move to call any small raises in spite of weak cards. The player is likely to lose the blind in any case if he folds. Hence the extra cost is worthwhile.

9. A poker player should not hesitate to commit and he should be aggressive. Hands like AA or KK are usually starting hands and they should be played aggressively, not passively as they are best early in a hand.

10. Another strategic move is to get river card for half the actual cost. When a player in a good position flops a good draw, he would like to see turn and river cheaply. As the flop call is cheap as compared to turn, the player needs to raise the flop hoping that opponents check the turn in the belief that the player may bet it. This tricks the opponents into checking resulting in river card at half the cost.

11. If a player wins uncalled hands, he need not show his hand which can leave his opponents wondering. But it is sometimes an excellent idea to let the opponents know that the player has not bluffed or just to upset them with the bluff.

It can be said that although playing poker is not as complicated as it is made out to be, following some strategic moves while playing poker can help one enjoy it thoroughly and also help in winning the game.

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