Sizing Your Bets Properly

In the game of poker there are several strategies that can make you a winner, but there is no single winging strategy that can be used and that is a guaranteed winner move in a poker game. Hence it is essential to use a combination of strategies and knowledge in playing a game of poker.

Some of the key strategies to playing a game of poker include Bluffing, betting, reading players, folding, odds calculation and recalling hands. If a player is able to master these six concepts and moves, then playing the game of Poker should not be very difficult and in fact will increase their chances of winning the game by a large percent.

Also, it is possible that a poker player can win tons of cash at the poker tables. Lot of poker players suffer, as they simply do not know how to properly size their bets. They just bet a random number or mash the bet-pot button and lose. A few tips to bear in mind to emerge as a winner are as follows:

Aim to win:

Before betting, have an aim. Chart out a plan in your mind on your moves. This will help you decide on your bet and you can play accordingly. So your aim is to make your opponent fold or make your opponent to call. The game begins…

Making your opponent fold or to call:

If you are trying to make another player fold, it is advisable to make only a small wager, just to be on the safe side. If you then decide to raise the pre-flop and another player calls you out on that, you may decide to raise the stakes, but do not bet the entire stash. Remember that most of your fellow players will fold both to the big and the small bets. In case, there happens to be a player who has made up his or her mind on calling, then you may end up saving some money by making the smaller wager.

Hand strength matters:

It is better to fold any hand with less than a pair at the earliest. Waiting for other cards may not help you.

Donning a mask:

If you make faces just to mislead others, it's fine. Otherwise it can be dangerous. If your opponent is an expert player, he can sense any changes on your face. If you have bad cards and you appear to be sad looking, your expression will say it all to your opponent and you may lose money.

Want to fold, go ahead:

It is always good if you bear in mind that waiting for other cards may ruin you. If you have nothing in your hand, just fold.

Don’t be greedy:

Wager with your head and not with your mind. Understand your limits.

Attention please:

Pay close attention to the game. Remember the information gained throughout the session and make out what wagersize is going to make you big money.

Say no to drinks:

It is better to avoid drinks while playing poker as it is a money game. If you lose yourself, you will lose the game.

Make less enemies:

Remember that it is always good to be at good terms with your fellow players. On the other hand, if you have players who want your absence, then they will mostly be interested in making moves against you, rather than making money.

Have the competitive spirit:

Ensure that you can afford to lose the money that you take with you. Also, that you have enough money to play competitively.

If you have decided to beat your opponents, then place them in such a situation where they have to make decisions. And if you make a better decision, you can beat as well as get more money from them. As mentioned earlier, playing poker is an easy game if you understand the basics, but it comes the hard way. Devote enough time developing your strategy and play more games. This is the only easy formula for winning the game and gaining big bucks.

Understanding the art of betting is crucial among all the poker strategies. It is in fact almost a different game by itself. For instance, a player could be a great poker player, but if he or she does not know when and how to wager and even more importantly just how much to bet, it is highly possible that they might end up losing or even not winning as much as they could have, had they wager higher.

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