Sit and Go Essentials Part 2

The popular Sit and Go tournaments that are so common in online poker room are many thanks to their single-table feature where they basically start up as soon as ten players have joined the table. At the mid-blind level the play will start around $50 and going up to around $200. When a player reaches this level of the game he will find that there are fewer players around the table but there are still enough to make it a crowd. There are a few tips that should be considered for this level of the tournament and they can help a lot both when making adjustments and trying to advance to reach the final of the game.

Here the Limping ends

If the little blind doesn't raise but rather calls the big blind, it is very common to bet the absolute minimum needed to stay in a hand and this is what is being called to Limp or Limp in. As the play gets into the mid-blind level the blinds start to escalate and this means that a player must be cautious with any limping. If possible it should be completely avoided as it could result in losing a lot of money for nothing. If you played wisely in the first part of the tournament you will now have a sizeable amount of chips to play with which will greatly advance your position and the choices that you can make.

Player Position Strategy

If you are placed in early position your best strategy will look much like it did in the first part of the game. This means that you need to play it tight and not be overly creative. Stay away from bluffing and fold weak hands. If you do end up with very strong cards then by all means play it aggressively since you have all to win by it. Both in early and middle position it is advisable to mind the stack of chips if you have a weak hand and raise when you have a strong one. Middle position looks a bit different than early in that it lets the player open up the raising requirements the closer he gets to the dealer button.

In a Sit and Go tournament the importance of position will be felt even more as a player progresses into higher levels. In poker the late position is always the most wanted and it is here a player can build their stack by trying to steal blinds. Considering the nature of Sit and Go tournaments this is probably the most ideal position for the game. Late position lets a player be more creative with his choices and this is more fun to most poker players. The tip for the player in late position at this point of the game is to focus on collecting chips. By raising even not so fantastic cards you should be able to achieve this goal. It is very important though to remember that bad hands are bad and if they are called they better have some value on the flop.

Keeping an Eye on the Chip Stacks

It is smart to keep an eye on your opponents' stacks of chips as they can give away some good information as to how they are likely to continue the game. If you see that another player has a very small stack of chips you can expect him to raise all-in with any decent hand. After all, this is probably how you would play it yourself and sometimes it is good to try to imagine yourself in the other players' boots. If a player hasn't played a hand in a very long time and it is their blind, an action recommended by many is to raise them. If you see that they have enough for just one more bet then this action could lead to them folding and you've just eliminated part of the obstacles on your way to the top.

With only a few players left

As the Sit and Go tournament reaches the final stages there might be about 4 players left around the tables. Chances are that most have very small stacks of chips and this is where the game starts to get hot and very entertaining. If you played it calm with many coffee breaks in the early stages of the game this is the time to put all focus on the game and get aggressive. The top three players will get money so you must aim not to fold but still keep your head cool enough to make wise decisions for the cards that you are dealt.

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