Sit and Go Essentials Part 1

In most poker rooms online the Sit and Go tournaments are very popular. The advantage of these tournaments is that they will start up as soon as enough players sign up to a table and the whole tournament will stick to that one table. This article will look at the essentials of the Sit and Go tournaments with smaller level blinds and the second part will focus more on the tournaments with mid levels of blinds. There are different strategies and approaches to consider depending on how far in the tournament a player makes it and as always in poker, good strategy can make all the difference so it is well worth to come prepared with some good tips to the table.

The Sit and Go Tournament

To start up a Sit and Go tournament online ten players are needed around the table. In online poker rooms it is very easy to find a Sit and Go of appropriate level to join and the average one will come with a buy-in around $20 and a prize sum of approximately $100. The amount of chips is set from the start so when you are out of chips you are also out of the game. Choosing the right strategy depends a bit on the size of the blinds and the level of the game. Once the game becomes a bit tougher than the beginner stage there are definitely a few strategies that are recognized as extremely useful and worthwhile to learn about. There is plenty of great advice online for this very type of tournament. The best is probably to try out a program that lets you play as you learn the different techniques for getting the upper hand in the Sit and Go tournament.

Playing it Safe

To begin with it is wise to play restrictive with the chips. If you make it to the top you might see around 100 hands maximum so to begin with you don't want to throw all the chips you have into the pot. If the blinds are low this holds especially true. It might feel boring to play it so calm but most professionals will give this essential piece of advice to simply stay off the aggressive play during the first part of the game. This also means that a player should stay away from bluffing and other aggressive means of action in the early stages of the game.

You need to consider how you manage your chips well. Using the chips in order to figure out if you have an edge is a bad idea. Since you will run out of them sooner or later you have to use them wisely and preserve them for higher blind levels. Luck always plays a part of poker and should you end up with a fantastic hand to begin with there is no reason for playing it too safe and you should certainly raise and throw those chips into the pot.

Making good use of Player Position

A player's sitting position is of great importance and good poker strategy must take this into consideration. In the early stages of the Sit and Go game it is advisable to avoid tough situations. Tough spots tend to lead to losses of chips and this must be avoided at the beginning of the game. If you are sitting in early position it could be a good idea to play very tight and avoid weak hands. Hands that could look pretty decent should hit the muck. Examples of these are K-Q, A-J and A-T. In early position dominated hands should be folded and all of this is really done to keep those chips till the end of the game when you'll need them sorely. Although a later position offers more freedom it shouldn't be overrated, so a tight game is recommended from this spot as well during the first stages of the Sit and Go tournament.

To be Aggressive or not

As mentioned a good hand does call for a more aggressive play but it is very important to understand how good the hand must be for such an approach. If you are in a Sit and Go tournament with many beginners, chances are that people that should aren't folding since they don't understand the real value of their cards. This can be taken advantage of , and in a looser game a more aggressive play can be applied even from the onset of the game. Sometimes it is simply worth it to bet big and hope it will result in a fold.

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