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Top Online Poker Rooms With High Bonus

Rank Poker room Overall Rating Bonus Download Review
1. Bet365 Poker Bet365 Poker   8,9 $1000 Download Read review
2. Titan Poker Titan Poker   8,72 $2000 Download Read review
3. Full Tilt Poker Full Tilt Poker US Players Allowed 8,63 $600 Download Read review
4. PokerStars PokerStars US Players Allowed 8,45 $600 Download Read review
5. Mansion Poker Mansion Poker   8,36 $2000 Download Read review
6. Party Poker Party Poker   8,27 $500 Download Read review
7. Chili Poker Chili Poker   8,18 $600 Download Read review
8. VC Poker VC Poker   8,18 $600 + $35 Download Read review
9. Everest Poker Everest Poker   8,09 $200 Download Read review
10. Pacific Poker Pacific Poker   8,09 $400 Download Read review
11. Ladbrokes Poker Ladbrokes Poker   8,09 $750 Download Read review
12. Fortune Poker Fortune Poker   8,09 €1000 Download Read review
13. Betfair Poker Betfair Poker   8,09 $150 Download Read review
14. Unibet Poker Unibet Poker   8,09 €100 Download Read review
15. Poker770 Poker770   8,0 $600 Download Read review
16. Carbon Poker Carbon Poker US Players Allowed 8,0 $600 Download Read review
17. Sportsbook Poker Sportsbook Poker US Players Allowed 7,9 $650 Download Read review
18. Redkings Poker Redkings Poker   7,81 $5,000 Download Read review
19. Betway Poker Betway Poker   7,72 $1,000 Download Read review
20. Betsson Poker Betsson Poker   7,72 $1600 Download Read review
21. Cake Poker Cake Poker US Players Allowed 7,72 $500 Download Read review
22. Bodog Poker Bodog Poker US Players Allowed 7,63 $1000 Download Read review
23. Betsafe Poker Betsafe Poker   7,54 $2,000 Download Read review

Poker Room Reviews

With more and more online casinos coming up each having their own poker rooms players have a difficult time deciding where they should go for a game of poker. As with anything more the choices the more difficult it gets decide.

If you belong to this confused lot then what you should do is read some poker room reviews. As with any review these tell you which are good, which are not that good and which to avoid at all costs. These reviews are most likely to be written by those who have experiences first hand hence you can trust them.

While looking to find poker room reviews try finding ones that are written by reputed players. These will be genuine and will not get you into taking a bad decision.

Reading a poker room review is all the more important these days because the of the rare instances of poker rooms not clearing bonuses, not making the pay-outs and so on. The biggest problem is that such rooms are not easily identified and those who have suffered do not always complain. New comers can find themselves in such sites and might end up losing more than what they had bargained for.

To lure in players poker rooms make all sorts of claims and offers. The best way to figure out whether they do all they claim to is to talk to some one has been there and done it. Better still, one can totally believe a reputed player talking about the poker he frequents. A pro would not play in a room that is not genuine. It would spoil the player's image and credibility. There are number of high stakes players who feature in different poker rooms, the reviews by of them would be the best.