Best Poker Freerolls

You want to play freerolls? Don't know what poker site to choose from?
We rank them so itís easier for you to choose a room with high value freerolls.
But remember that all the poker sites on our list are good and they do offer good freerolls but they can't all be the best.

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Best freeroll poker sites

Rank Poker room Freeroll Rating Bonus Download Review
1. Bet365 Poker Bet365 Poker   9 $1000 Download Read review
2. Titan Poker Titan Poker   8,86 $2000 Download Read review
3. Full Tilt Poker Full Tilt Poker US Players Allowed 8,81 $600 Download Read review
4. PokerStars PokerStars US Players Allowed 8,72 $600 Download Read review
5. Party Poker Party Poker   8,63 $500 Download Read review
6. Betfair Poker Betfair Poker   8,54 $150 Download Read review
7. Sportsbook Poker Sportsbook Poker US Players Allowed 8,45 $650 Download Read review
8. Bodog Poker Bodog Poker US Players Allowed 8,31 $1000 Download Read review
9. VC Poker VC Poker   8,27 $600 + $35 Download Read review
10. Mansion Poker Mansion Poker   8,18 $2000 Download Read review
11. Chili Poker Chili Poker   8,09 $600 Download Read review
12. Fortune Poker Fortune Poker   8,04 €1000 Download Read review
13. Ladbrokes Poker Ladbrokes Poker   8,04 $750 Download Read review
14. Pacific Poker Pacific Poker   8,04 $400 Download Read review
15. Everest Poker Everest Poker   8,04 $200 Download Read review
16. Unibet Poker Unibet Poker   8,04 €100 Download Read review
17. Carbon Poker Carbon Poker US Players Allowed 8,0 $600 Download Read review
18. Cake Poker Cake Poker US Players Allowed 7,86 $500 Download Read review
19. Betsson Poker Betsson Poker   7,86 $1600 Download Read review
20. Poker770 Poker770   7,5 $600 Download Read review
21. Redkings Poker Redkings Poker   7,4 $5000 Download Read review
22. Betway Poker Betway Poker   7,36 $1,000 Download Read review
23. Betsafe Poker Betsafe Poker   7,27 $2,000 Download Read review

Poker Freeroll

When someone is talking about poker freeroll it could mean two different things. One it could be a tournament which does not charge an entry fee thereby providing a sort of poker freeroll for the players. This means that the players would not be required to make a buy-in. Also, as there is prize money involved the winners will get money without spending anything initially.

One may wonder why casinos would bother to hold such tournaments and offer a poker freeroll. Such tournaments are mostly part of a promotional exercise and nothing else. They would decide on an amount as the prize money, for example $5000. In this case the eventual winner will take home $5000 without having made a buy-in. These tournaments are also a way of luring in players and to get their excitement going. The usual thing that could happen is that winners at such tournaments would end up spending prize money from freerolls on games with high buy-ins. This way the money stays with the casino and indirectly will get more than what they spent on the prize money.

In a game of poker, poker freeroll refers to a situation when there are two players in a game having the same hand against one another. This would demand that one of the two draws a stronger hand while the other player cannot. To explain this better let us go with an example. Player A and player B have hands of QJ spades and QJ diamonds respectively, consider the board to be AKT, ace and king of spades, ten of clubs. In this situation players A and B are said to have a straight with player A having to draw to a flush. This could lead to either the two tying for the pot or will end with player A winning. In such a scenario player A would be considered to have a poker freeroll.