Poker Freeroll Tips

The amount of people busy playing poker online is huge and there are plenty of big poker rooms trying to catch the largest audience to enhance the play with. One of the ways to make players join and stay is to offer freerolls that are basically tournaments without any entry fees. Playing in a freeroll is a great way to practice the poker play as well as a chance to win good money. It is important to take a look at just what kind of freeroll one should join before jumping in and trying to reach the first place and the prize pot.

Finding the best Freerolls

There are plenty of forums online that guide players to the different freerolls offered in the different poker rooms online. Many times freerolls with large prize sums pop up as promotions, and to make sure to find them in the right time, keeping an eye on a good poker forum online is a must. Just because a poker room is very large with record breaking traffic it doesn't mean that the freerolls offered are the best in the industry. Sometimes the best freerolls can only be reached by invitation or through player points and for these it is good to know just what poker rooms usually offer them to their loyal players.

Who plays in Freerolls?

It is a fact that the majority of freeroll players are either beginners or pretty new poker players. It is very common that online poker rooms turn specifically to this type of players with great offers of sign up or first deposit freerolls. Knowing the crowd in the freeroll is very important in order to have success in it. Beginners obviously want to stick to a freeroll that won't offer too tough competition while the advanced will want to look for the very same freeroll in order to take advantage of the fish. Sometimes it could be a good idea to play several less paying freerolls in order to have an easier way to the cashier but this also depends on the nature of the poker player.

Choosing the right type of Freeroll

Depending on the poker room there can be a few different types of freerolls offered. The most common one is the one that only takes registration and a deposit to enter. These freerolls usually don't come with large prize sums but they can offer a very fast and fun play as most of the participants are less skilled poker players. A new player should take advantage of this kind of freeroll when joining a new poker room both to get to know the poker room better and advance the play. Once a player has joined a poker room he usually starts to gather points through some kind of VIP program these very often gives entry to exciting freerolls with larger prizes awaiting the winner. They can also come with a bit tougher competition but the majority of them are still quite loose. Being a member of a poker room for a prolonged time does help when trying to reach the better paying freerolls that can only be attained through invitation.

Staying in the Freeroll

First of all it is crucial to understand the level of the players in the freeroll. Since there are usually many beginner participating it means that the play is bad and therefore situations must be read accordingly. If you are a more skilled player your greatest mistake might be to expect too much from a very weak player. A good advice is to reverse this and always expect the worse moves by the opponents. Another good tip is to try to play it safe rather than being too adventurous. A beginner should take this advice to heart and try to stay away from bluffing. Bluffing is certainly a lot of fun but to reach that pot it is better to keep it to a minimum and increase the chances of staying in the game till the very end. It is not unusual that a freeroll will have many thousands of participants as it starts up and this can be a very intimidating concept to the new poker player. No matter what level of play it is always advisable to focus on the play and stick to your own strategy rather than looking too much at how the others are doing.

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