Online Tells

How does one keep a poker face online? When people can't see your face it seems as if keeping it straight is no longer a requirement and while this might be true it is still possible to read players in online poker rooms. The way to do this is to learn to see how players' actions expose their hands. If you play regularly in the same poker room at the same hours you most likely will meet many from the same crowd and by paying attention to their behavior you will gain some advantage in the game. It is also useful to keep an eye on how players express themselves in the chat box and how they react to good vs. bad results.

What is a Poker Tell?

Knowing how to read your opponents actions is very useful in advanced poker play. A poker tell online is an action that gives away the status of a player's game. It isn't all that tricky to find patterns in the way people play also online even without seeing their actual body language. Actions speak just as well of what goes on in a player's mind and there are many indications in online play that can guide you in knowing the level and status of your opponents. The body language in online poker is basically about how a player expresses himself in the chat box, how fast or slow he reacts when it is his turn and what his betting pattern looks like.

Multi-Tabling and Speed of Play

When people play many tables at once, poker tells can become more obvious. One of the signs that a player has a good hand is if he doesn't act immediately upon his turn. This behavior has been called the stall and it used to indicate that an inexperienced player had a strong hand and therefore stalled a bit before acting upon it. This type of behavior is now also used as strategy to trick the opponents so it could very well mean that there is a very experienced player behind the hand just stalling in order to make it seem as if he has a real monster going. When players are active in many games at once the speed will be affected still, fluctuations of gaming speed can be used to interpret the game. It might be hard to read these differences of pace correctly but it is well worth to give it a try and memorize what happened after certain set of actions.

Regular Games

If a person is only involved in one game at a time it could be easier to track his poker tells. Say he is betting at a steady pace and then suddenly he stops and takes a very long break before making his next move. This is certainly a poker tell that should be interpreted. When looking at this kind of behavior a player needs to consider if the opponent that is observed is a beginner player or more advanced. A regular player gets into habits of betting and play. If he suddenly makes a stop to his otherwise smooth gaming it can be analyzed to mean something about his hand. In order to read the situations right a player must know the poker room and its crowd well and probably play quite a lot himself as well.

Tools for Reading Poker Tells

A poker calculator can actually work well in keeping an eye on your opponents. The poker calculator is especially suitable to multi-table play and what it does is to gather information on the opponents move and come up with a summary for their player styles. This can be used for your immediate decisions regarding how to play but also in the long run as you will recognize other regular players and their very nicknames will trigger you memory of their poker tells.

Chat Box Tells

One sure way of revealing the online tells is taking a look at what goes on in the chat box that is open during the game. Even very skilled players have lost their cools and showed their true face in the chat room. If someone is even barred from chatting it says something about his poker play and personality. Some players overrate their abilities and like to go and teach the rest of the crowd about the secrets of good play. If you see such a player and realize that his results aren't that great you already have a pretty good picture of what kind of opponent he is. Just the same you should be aware of the true pros that will keep it cool in the chat room. No matter what their results are they never reveal any emotions of any kind, they just stay polite and nice to all around the table.

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