Multi-tabling is an art in itself. Not only is it a form of play that demands advanced poker play by the player but it also requires quick decisions, making it even more challenging. Many beginners might be tempted to try having several tables going at once but they are bound to discover that this is a sure way to lose money if the right skills aren't there. Experienced poker players will also have to consider some basic poker strategies in order to succeed with this type of gaming as it requires a somewhat different approach to the normal single-table play.

Who should Multi-Table?

First of all, multi-tabling is not for the new poker player that thinks that by adding tables to his screen will give him more chances of winning good money. Even the very skilled player might find it hard to keep up with ten tables at once. Ten poker games going at once might sound like a joke but there are many players who master this and they have found the techniques to do so. No matter one's level of play, multi-tabling requires quick decisions and although there are tools to make these easier, a player must be prepared to think fast. If this only creates a feeling of stress there is really no need to get into multi-tabling no matter how good the money could be. So in short it can be said that players that feel that this playing style will bring in more money and no stress is the best suited for having several tables open at once.

Using a Poker Calculator

A way to deal with the speed of the many games active at once is to choose a poker room with a slower pace. However it could still be hard to follow each game with the sharpness that is needed in advanced poker. For the tight and aggressive play a poker calculator can be a very useful tool. This is something that can be added to the software and it works by collecting data on the play that will be presented as numbers. The display will show a profile and style of play of opponents which can help a lot when choosing how to play out hands. Since you are not sitting yourself at the table watching everyone's move, this tool can do it for you and hand it over in a nice and easy format. Using a poker calculator could definitely improve the winnings of a player that knows that he plays mostly in a tight and aggressive manner.

Failing at Multi-Tabling

It happens that very skilled players start to lose their carefully built up bank roll when venturing into multi-table poker play. The wise thing to do in this situation is to immediately stop the multi-table play and go back to the single games. Failing at playing many tables at once could indicate that your player level isn't high enough for it and by giving it a break for a few months you could work your skills and experience up to better suit it. Knowing when to fold is crucial in poker and the advanced player understands this concept well, both when it comes to the poker hand and the amounts of them active at the same time.

Strategy for different Games

In tournament games it is advisable not to start too many games at once. Once the games reach a higher level it is time to open more tables. For tournament play the regular strategy should be applied with some caution on steals. It is always better to stick to fewer tables in the beginning until you feel the pace good enough to keep up with 8 to 10 tables. In ring games the limit games are the easiest to multi-table but with ring games it is generally hard to play many tables at once. This is really where you need to be aware of your level of poker play and not go out too strong with too many tables open at once in the beginning. Whether you choose to play ring games or tournaments you should also make a decision as to how many tables to keep open on a continuous basis. You can play in sets by not opening new tables when you bust out of one or you can open new tables continuously as you fold on the previous ones. Which strategy is the best depends on the individual player and how many tables he usually plays at once. By playing sets a player does get a better chance for review and a healthy coffee break!

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