Multi-Table Tournament Strategy Part 2

Who wouldn't love to make the top ten in a big poker multi-table tournament like the World Series of Poker? Thanks to the poker rooms online that offer tournaments where a ticket to one of these huge events can be won this has become reality to many players. Even if a player didn't previously show his face in the big events, he does stand a fair chance of doing well providing he has some luck and a great amount of skill up his sleeves. A moderate player can very well advance his game rapidly by reading up on and trying out solid advice and strategy. Since a multi-table tournament can go on for days it is a very good thing to be patient and not get too excited early on in the game. As the later stages of the tournament rolls around a player that has kept his cools will both be respected and stand a better chance to win the entire event.

How to reach the Final

Depending on the crowd participating in a multi-table tournament the mid-stages could be easier or tougher. A player must always adjust his play to those seated around the table but a good strategy should be followed without too much of a detour even if the chairs seem to be full of fish as the final rounds are approaching. In most big multi-table events, the middle play means tougher competition and therefore a player should be cautious not to bluff too much and try to collect chips to enable better competition at the end. Making it to the end of the tournament without chips is a bad idea and if this is where it is going, it is better to just bust out in the mid section. In general it can be said that play before the final stages should be kept to the regular style of ring game play. That is, don't be overly creative but not as tight as in the first stages of the tournament.

As the final play approaches it becomes obvious that the amount of chips left is crucial. You will see many players with small stacks of chips hoping to fold their way to the final. At this point it is appropriate to be aggressive. This doesn't mean that you should start acting like a fool and take silly risks because you see that people don't have many chips to play for. A good hand is always a good hand and this must never be forgotten. There is plenty of detailed advice as to which hand can be considered worthwhile and which one not. While there is general information to be found online a serious multi-table tournament player will take the time to read up on the good strategy books or even practice through strategy software. If you reach the top 10 in the final this could very well prove to have been a very wise investment of your time and money.

Reading the other Players

It is not a myth that a good poker player knows how to read the other players around the table. This doesn't necessarily mean that you have to know what cards are on their hands by the way they hold their eyes. Checking the amount of chips left in a player's stack will give away information on what hands he is likely to play. Many times it is enough to think over what you would do in his clothes and by this make your decisions. Since professional poker play has become so popular beginner players can often be spotted by the very fact that they true to copy what they've seen going on at the final tables in a big tournament that was televised. Learning to recognize the behavior of players can take you a long way in maximizing your game.

Staying in the Final

Once you have reached the very final of a multi-table tournament you want to win it, that's natural. As can be seen in the big events the play at the very final table can be completely crazy. The players seem to take outrageous risk and the bluffing knows no ends. In the final the strategy is to play it extremely aggressive and taking big risks is encouraged. This leads to a game that is fun and of course, nerve wrecking! You must still keep your head cool and try to confront the smaller chip stacks rather than the large ones. Remember that each person that goes out gives you a larger portion of the prize money.

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