How to Be a Winner at Texas Hold'em

Texas Hold'em is considered as the most popular poker game in the poker world. This game is by far a favorite with players from allover the world, whether it is played online and offline in a land casino.

In a game of Texas Hold'em up to 10 poker players can play in each game. Also, a weak player has some chance to win and generally players do not get busted very quickly when playing for a long time. But Texas Hold'em is very deceptive for a skill-challenged player. Here are some points to remember so as to be a winner at Texas Hold'em.

1. The first and foremost fact to remember while playing Texas Hold'em is to play premium starting hands only. A player need not see flops above 25%.

2. A player should keep away from aggressive or tight tables which are highly volatile but give lower profit. He should also avoid strong players and choose table accordingly as stronger players tend to "read" their opponents and take their money. Search for those games which are loose and have 30% flop on an average.

3. It is advisable to call bet when the pot size matches with the call. So, check out pot odds.

4. A player should anticipate the holding of his foes and make it a point to analyze later too as new information can be collected in subsequent rounds. To succeed in Texas Hold'em, a player has to keep constant watch on his opponent's move and his mind.

5. Another key aspect of a winning strategy in Texas Hold'em is to keep in memory opponent's playing styles. One should keep in mind the kind of hands his opponent raises with and what hands he re-raises with. A player should try to remember whether his opponent calls with weak holdings or not and how he plays pocket pairs. Also, a player should observe how his opponent plays his draws, which hands he calls or raises with from early position and which hands he check-raises with.

6. Another winning strategy in Texas Hold'em is to raise or bet when required. As the structure of Texas Hold'em is such that it invites drawing hand and that might lead to betting into you. So, if a player believes he has the best band, he should always bet or raise and not give away any free cards by calling.

7. A weak side card does not generate best hands and that ultimately proves costly in long run. So, it is always better to have a good kicker or side card to one's highest card.

8. A player should steal pots quickly if he is in late position. A situation may arise where there are few players and the pot has been checked and the player has to take pot last. He should do this only if he is certain that the board may not benefit anyone. He should also take into account the types of players that are left in pot.

9. A player should avoid using same style often. He should change tactics and not be predictable. This way he is likely to confuse his opponent and he can do so by occasionally limping on raised hands and raise or bet on hand calls. He should try this after and before the flop so as to prevent his opponent from knowing his tactics beforehand.

10. Another strategy in Texas Hold'em is timely folding. A player should not draw and should fold when it is certain that he is beat and the pot size does not give confidence to call.

11. It is advisable to bluff occasionally and not repeatedly. It is pertinent to be cent-percent sure whether the foe is very weak or does not have strong hands before attempting to bluff.

12. While playing Texas Hold'em, one must make sure he or she has sufficient bankroll so as to play at a certain limit. If bankroll is not taken care of, there is a possibility of a player going broke. It is advisable to have a bankroll about 300 times the bet so as to play optimally.

So, it can be observed from above points that an aggressive style of play is more profitable in strong games. If one plays correctly till the turn card, he is not likely to face much difficulty.

Thus, it can be concluded that the key skills to become an expert in Texas Hold'em are overall discipline, trying to read your opponent correctly, calculating pot odds, avoiding vulnerability to go on tilt and last but not least, bankroll management.

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