Game Selection

Surprisingly, when it comes to poker, the matter of game selection actually becomes a critical issue especially when there are lots of choices. This also comes into play when there are few choices. If there are only two games one can choose from and if one of them is far better as compared to the other, a player is likely to make a great mistake by not selecting the better game. But, playing poker online gives a player hundreds of games and he need not search for that one game which is the best out of a hundred. Even then, it will be huge error not to find a good game from these choices.

When a player has a reasonable amount of experience, he should not neglect game selection. He should know why he is playing a particular game. He should search for the next best game that he can play and also should know why he is choosing that particular game over the other. Constantly challenging oneself on game selection can give one a higher rate of success and one should not take game selection for granted.

Selecting a good game has different meaning to different players. For example, a successful player who plays occasionally may not have much choice in selecting a game as he might be staying in a place which offers only few games. On the other hand a professional player can search around the world for best game so as to make a living or at least in country where he stays. So, here location influences the choice and selection of game. One must choose such locality which best suits one’s game preference, bankroll and temperament.

Importance of selecting game increases with increase in stakes. When the stakes are low, nearly all games are soft. For a solid player, there is no need for solid game selection to do well as he is likely to win any game. If he chooses softer games, he is most likely to earn more money, but since he has sufficient skills, he is likely to win nearly any game.

However, as the player treads into higher limits, selection of game turns out to be more important because most of the players whose earnings are at lower limits end up loosing heavily with higher limits as they are unable to understand this concept. Thus, with the increase in limits, it is more likely that the player is unable to beat any longer.

Selecting the Right Game

Selecting the right game is easier said than done. But analyzing the game in its entirety is the most important trick as regards to selecting the right game. If one considers the variable that effect profitability of a game in a major way, one may end up selecting the easy or right game. The following points may help.

1. First, the player should take into consideration the limit. He must analyze how often he wins at this limit. He should not play at those limits at which he is struggling or can hardly beat. He should stay within such limits at which he has shown consistent profit.

2. Second point a player should consider is the location. He should check whether the poker room has a reputation for tough games like Poker Stars or is known for Party Poker. Sometimes poker rooms take measures which ensure that the games stay soft. These rules include limiting the number of tables, high stakes tables, or advertising which are directed towards casual players.

3. Third point to consider is time. This does not have much importance if one is playing poker online as the games go on all the time. But in live poker, there are always certain times when the games are fishier.

4. Next point to check is the texture of the poker game. Observe it thoroughly and ascertain whether the game is loose or not.

5. Last but not the least, take into consideration the opponent. Check whether some players are really poor players or most of them are professional players. It is pertinent to know the styles of your opponents so as to home in the right selection of game.

Thus, selection of game can be tricky but not difficult. Surely, a player can be limited in his choices by bankroll considerations. He may limit himself temperamentally; say by opting for Hold'em game instead of Omaha as Omaha is boring. However, such decisions should be made consciously. If a player selects a game that is not best dollar-choice, it is better he has some valid reason for his choice.

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