Fixed Limit Texas Hold'em

Fixed Limit Texas Hold'em strategy begins with the rewards involved in this card game. Stay focused on the card game, and the rewards will come soon afterwards. The rewards in poker can often vary. From the learning experience, to meeting new friends and winning something that makes you feel good about yourself. Poker is a high stakes game that requires one to win a lot of money, and a lot of hands. Nothing beats the high pressure competition and entertainment that poker provides. Fixed Limit seems more enjoyable and is a good standard variation of Texas Hold'em that should be easy for the first-time player to enjoy. This will be a simple guide to the various strategies involved in Fixed Limit Texas Hold'em. Let's start with a brief introduction to the poker game itself.

Poker involves a card game on a table. People pass cards to one another in hopes of having the highest hand and thereby winning the pot at stake. Each pot, each card, every opponent is a crucial detail to the overall structure that is to the strategic game of Texas Hold'em. Each opponent carries with them a variety of skills, a variety of methods in dealing with the game of poker. There eventually will be a time when the number of opponents outnumbers the number of cards. Therefore, the players require a deeper level of analysis. Analyzing the strategies of each player will provide a clearer idea of what cards can be used for.

Strategies vary from player to player. One strategy is to concentrate on the starting hands and then focus on the betting structures. Play few hands as opposed to more experienced players while at the same time betting and continuing to raise on the hands that you do play. A basic tip for starting hands is to know that out of the 169 possible combinations only 13 of those starting cards can be pairs. Don't feel too despondent if you don't get a pair of cards right off the bat. For betting, there are bets for cash games, and bets for tournament games. We shall stick to cash game betting strategies for now. There are no-limit cash games and fixed-limit cash games.

There are also low stakes and high stakes bets within these two variations of cash games. Lower stakes will tend to attract a larger number of players per game who each tend to be more aggressive or passive when betting. Strategy will now focus solely on Fixed Limit Texas Hold'em and how to bet properly.

With Fixed Limit, bets are limited per round by rule. The player may not call the amount of the bet, only choose whether to bet or not. The Bets fixed rates tend to double at some point and is often referred as a "big bet" in some circles. This allows for some bluffing in those points. Be aware that fixed limit games allow a certain number of raises per game. These limits are in place only when there are more than two players that are still in at the start of the betting round. The combination of limited bets/raises should give a player enough time to start to develop their own strategy to stay with as few hands as possible and to continue aggressively betting when these hands show greater odds of winning than of losing. Keep in mind the probability of the cards in your hand. Players should keep in mind the rules, the cards, and above all, the money, or pot.

Last of all, here is a Fixed Limit Texas Holdem tournament strategy that works to provide a false lead to a typical type of player. This move will not work if an aggressive player is not at your table, so be careful that you are reading the players right, before deciding to throw in this move.

This strategy involves betting small without looking at your own cards to attract a large bet from a loose, aggressive player. Please use this strategy only when having a strong 5-card hand. This strategy works well against loose, aggressive amateurs. For instance, there are three poker players named Tex, Ark, and Mon. Bet limits are at 5$. Tex has a pair of 2s, Ark has a Queen and a Jack, and Mon has a pair of 9s. The next card that comes out is a 10, 9, and Queen. At this point, the bet limit has been unrestricted. The pot holds 50$. Ark, here, is betting 20$. Tex has folded. Mon raises 50$. The next card that comes out is a 2. Ark takes the hand. Congratulations. That's poker in a nutshell.

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