Building a Bankroll from Scratch

It takes time to build up the kind of bankroll that will support entering the high stakes games on a regular basis. This is both a good thing and very frustrating. Often players feel ready to get into the higher levels before their bankroll is ready, and this can lead to very bad decisions for how to proceed with the gaming. A beginner poker player should understand that the poker play that will bring in the very big cash doesn't happen overnight no matter how talented the player is. Good strategy for how to managing the bankroll as well as how to advance the poker play is a must in order to stay in the game with dry feet.

Make use of Promotions

Beginner players have the advantage of being new in poker rooms that like to spoil new comers with bonuses and special promotions. If these are used correctly they can be a great boost to enlarge a beginner bankroll. The best advice when it comes to welcome bonuses and promotions is probably to use them moderately and not think that by making a big shot at once with the extra money, millions are just around the corner. It is also important to check just how much a bonus will cost in terms of deposits. A welcome bonus might look great but in order to get it completely a player will have to deposit more than he can really afford. A little research in what is available out there goes a long way in making healthy decisions for building a bankroll from scratch.

Playing a lot at Lower Stakes

There is no way to get around that a lot of play will enhance the poker gaming in many aspects. To build a bankroll a player must keep in mind that he can't lose too much money on a regular basis. Although he might feel that the level of the gaming at the lower stakes is starting to get boring he shouldn't jump into the high stakes too fast. With patience and character a player can build up a substantial bankroll by sticking to the lower limit games. It is true that many hours must be spent to see the results, but with determination it can be a very enjoyable experience. How much time to play like this is of course individual, but it isn't unusual to need at least half a year to a year of average play time in lower limits in order to build a healthy bankroll.

When to join the Big Games

The high stakes games will need a bankroll that can handle large buy-ins without it showing too much, even when losing. Being good enough to play a tougher game doesn't mean that it will be won, and losses at this level are much more difficult to the player with a small bankroll. Something else to consider is how the size of the bankroll influences the player's attitude. If he is constantly afraid of losing because of his financial situation, he most likely will play tense and without the confidence that is needed for good poker play. This is perhaps the greatest reason why a player should wait as long as possible to join the higher stakes games and concentrate on building a bankroll that can match their level.

Play in Tournaments

A good way to increase the bankroll is by playing in tournaments. Starting out in smaller sit & go tournaments can be a very good way to slowly but surely increase the amount of money in the account. As a player advances he can enter tournaments with larger buy-ins and have a very good time all the while. Tournaments are also excellent for becoming a better player and trying out strategies. It cannot be escaped that professional players show up to prey on the beginners in many games and this is just something that will have to be accepted. The solution to this could be trying to find a poker room that attracts less of these kinds of poker players.

Be considerate

Not everyone understands why someone would want to spend several hours a day in front of their screen playing card games. If the people who don't seem to get it are family members it is very important to make sure that the gaming doesn't hurt their interests. Building a bankroll must be done with family in mind, especially when the economy is shared. Wise poker play should be a profit both for mood and wallet and when it is, family members most likely will accept it.

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