Bankroll and Money Management

Money is a very essential part of poker play and the money a player has available in a real money account is usually referred to as the bankroll. Most players play poker online for fun but even so they do need to treat their bankroll as a tool to enhance their gaming with. Poker strategy includes good money management and there are a few issues that every player should consider no matter if he is in the game for the big bucks or just for the fun of it.

Know your Limits

It isn't difficult to learn the basics of poker but it is easy to get a bit carried away and over estimate one's skills. What many players aren't aware of is that it takes hundreds of hours before a player will get the hang even of the very basic poker play. Just because things are going well at the beginner's table it is not a sign that it is time to move on to compete against the big guys. The best thing is to stick to a lower level of poker longer than what one thinks is necessary and only gradually try to advance. Doing this at a slow pace will also better ensure that a player knows the strengths and weakness of his own game and this way he can manage his bankroll much wiser.

Stay away from the High Stakes

When things are working out well at the lower stakes this might mean that a player no longer loses the majority of his games but breaks even or even has a little plus in his bankroll. This is great and definitely an indication that things are going in the right direction. The mistake many beginners make at this point is to jump into higher stakes with all that they've got, hoping that they will win a lot of money. The outcome of this is usually the opposite and it can leave the player with a very bad taste in the mouth. To avoid such a scenario a beginner should stay away from the high stakes although they might seem very tempting to join, especially when he sees that he is doing better and better at the lower levels. For a curious player wanting to measure his talents in the tougher games it is advisable to do so but not with all of the bankroll and just in short episodes of time.

Keep an Eye on the Time

No matter what level of poker, the play can be spell bounding. Many players find themselves glued to the screen for several hours with many tables active at once. Even at the lower limits this style of playing could include great money losses. If the player is mostly losing and he keeps doing so without looking at the clock he could find himself with a bankroll that spells out disaster at the end of the day. Some players don't even stop at this but will consequently re-charge their account and continue playing as if there is no tomorrow. Very few players have the re-sources to keep such a gaming style going for very long and if it continues it could mean that an addiction is about to form. To stay away from this type of poker play a player is wise to set time limits on his play. This will give him a better chance to keep a healthy over view on how much is going in and out of his player account.

Learn Strategies

For players that want to make profit on their poker play it is very important to improve it. Playing a lot helps the player to get the experience needed but to really advance it is smart to learn some strategies. Online it is easy to find good advice both from other players and professionals. There are poker schools, articles and player forums that focus on helping a new player learn the ropes quickly. Having some kind of strategy up the sleeve also makes the game more fun and interesting.

Play for Fun

Since most players play poker online for fun, their goal with the gaming is usually not to become rich. Even so it makes it less fun to lose too much money. A player that is in the game for fun should make a strategy for himself to manage his money in a way that the gaming stays entertaining. Keeping a healthy bankroll is the way to having a good poker experience.

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