Avoiding Poker Traps

Poker is a game of strategy and skill and it is not at all about luck, although a little luck can get you some money.

Since poker is all about strategy, there are various moves that poker players make in order to get to the winning position. Any experienced poker player will tell you that having a strategy is vital to playing the game. Among the various types of poker strategies adopted by players all over the world is the setting of poker traps.

Therefore it becomes very important not to fall into such a poker trap. Even a simple bluff in poker is a trap and although these are traps that you may not be able to avoid unless you are a skilled poker player and are able to read the tells of another poker player, it is very possible that you may just not be able to call a bluff.

Most professional poker players are known for their ability to create, detect and avoid poker traps, however, it is unfortunately true that most of the new or amateur poker players are not able tosspot these poker traps and get caught in them when it is too late.

However, there are many other types of poker traps that a poker player can fall into and some of these can even be of his or her own making. Here are some tips to avoid in poker traps.

Hitting a Mean Run

Sometimes players just get stuck in a rut of bad hands and have a bad streak. This is unavoidable and happens to the best of us, in fact, many say that it has to happen to every poker player at least once in his or her gaming career. When this happens it will baffle you, sometimes you may get a few players who will outdraw you a number of pots in succession; you may even have a bad time on the river, or find yourself unable to get that one card that you need to make what would seem to be the easiest win in history. So what do you do when in this trap? Do not play over aggressive for one thing, and do not hit the high stakes tables, certainly not on this streak. The best thing to do, is to stop playing and take a break. Then begin on smaller tables and progress gradually to the big ones when you feel you are ready.

Trapping Yourself

This is one of the worst mistakes a player can make and sadly, this is one of the most common mistakes that players make. What is the easiest way to trap yourself? Simple: bad hand selection! This mistake is very commonly seen among beginners and amateurs and the more experienced players just love this. They wait for this and then move in for the kill. Poker is a game where anyone can win, even a beginner if he or she gets a real good hand and plays it well enough. Therefore, the key is selecting a good hand. So avoid this trap by learning what are the good hands and what hands defeat other hands. Only after equipping yourself with this knowledge should you dare to venture playing poker for real and thus avoid the traps.

Playing Flops

In the game of Poker, it is essential that poke players know how to play flops. Often there are fatal traps in the flops and many a game is lost right here. If you have a flop with a top pair, you may be tempted to go in for it, especially if it has a weak kicker. If this is the case, unless you are absolutely sure of your hand, do not go in for it and do not play this hand aggressively. Be careful how you play the flops.

Big Cards vs. Small Kickers

Avoid playing the big cards with the small kickers such as A5, Q8, K9, and so on.

Fold after the Flop

If you are player who is in the big blind and small blind, it is best that you decide to fold soon after the flop. This is because most of the players who get stuck in this position soon find themselves in a very tough position as they get pulled into a bad pot that they do not want to be in and really have no chance of winning. If you know that your hand is beaten, at this point of the game, it is an ideal time for you fold.

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